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Site Specific: PLOT 09 – This World and Newer Ones

Site Specific: PLOT 09 – This World and Newer Ones

October 13th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

Three Questions . . .

Although Anthony McCall’s installation was one of the most interesting and successful pieces on display, having seen his work at the Serpentine Gallery in 2008, I wasn’t convinced he’d truly explored the site of the church itself – could we dig a bit deeper to examine how, in relation to his other work, this piece was responding to the site?

The Bruce High Quality Foundation seems to misunderstand strategies that have been much more successfully employed by the Bernadette Corporation and the Wrong Gallery. Did anyone detect a critical stance worthy of note?

Perhaps the most interesting work on display, appropriate to the space, its context, and the event itself, was Judi Werthein’s “La Tierra de los Libres/The Land of the Free” – on its broadest level for its engagement with themes of translation and appropriation. It illuminated the unrealized potential of the event, and all the conspicuous thematic absences in other works. Was it simply that the curators were transplanting work from other sites to the island, or was the absence of such depth in other works the result of failure to define the purpose of the event from the outset.

How I could use this in my work . . .

I could dissect the 2006 Whitney Biennial Catalog, and blindly apply its sentiment to the Obama era without bothering to comprehend either.

Rather than seek to evoke a specific sentiment about a process that occurred on a specific site (Patti Smith) I might seek to facilitate that process itself – breathing new life into a process of a cultural production rather than monumentalizing it (taking a cue from Jude Werthein).

I could avoid cross-programming on an identical site that renders the space as nothing more than a space for tourism and commerce.

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