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Site Specific: PLOT 09 – This World and Newer Ones

Three Questions . . . Although Anthony McCall’s installation was one of the most interesting and successful pieces on display, having seen his work at the Serpentine Gallery in 2008, I wasn’t convinced he’d truly explored the site of the church itself – could we dig a bit deeper to examine how, in relation to […]

Site Specific: Goffman’s Relations in Public

Three questions . . . Goffman is quite useful in assessing the ways in which identity in public is a malleable phenomenon, as determined by the company one keeps as by the various “units” one encounters – in what ways might we extend his terminology beyond the interpersonal to establish the rules dictated by material […]

GreenFab in Huffington Post

Just noticed that GreenFab, the after school program I worked for this past semester got written up in the Huffington Post. Great to see it getting press, take a look! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/linda-gross/the-bronx-making-news-aga_b_213273.html

My interview with Dan Bitney of Tortoise

Albeit abbreviated, check it out at the Planet Blog. http://www.planet-mag.com/blog/2009/music/sonaar-luthra/tortoise/

Our Service Design Projects on WNYC


Spool Networked Pong Controller

For the Networked Pong Controller assignment, me, Ozge and Lara chose to use a wooden spool that was found on the street. Standing astride the spindle, a player shuffles right and left to close switches placed upon the ground. We liked the physical interaction this required since it closely mimiced the movement of the paddle […]

NetObjects Improv Assignment: Ticklish Monkeybear

For the first NetObjects assignment of the semester we were given a list of five actions, five objects, and five responses we had to combine in a project that utlilized serial communication. Mine was a monkey (whose body looked more like a teddybear) that you stroked/tickled with a feather, which responded with sounds to react […]

Physcomp Week 5 Serial Lab

With the rush of midterms, this lab write-up got lost in the shuffle, along with my original documentation of it. But below are new results of the tasks required in this lab which introduced serial communication. Where with the midterm we used the graph program extensively, the graphs below illustrate the use of a photoresistor […]

Storyboards for Comlab

Zoe, Gordie, Jorge and I are working on a short movie that we’ve storyboarded below.  We’ll be shooting it this week and hope we can shoot it in Red’s office.

ITP Haunted House!

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