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Tactical Metrics Update . . .


With Water Canary in full swing, there’s been not nearly enough time to get tacticalmetrics.net off the ground.  So for now, please be content to watch my thesis presentation here.

Exciting stuff to follow as soon as I report to Browning and figure out how this exciting project is going to take shape.  Stay tuned and expect a proper blog to also take shape now that school has come to an end . . . ~Sonaar


Canary in the Lab

Our first visit to Dr. Philip Tierno’s Microbiology Lab at the NYU Medical Center!

The story of my ITP thesis so far . . .

My work at ITP has explored ways that inexpensive hardware might be applied to help us promote social change, and last year the questions I was asking led me to an important insight: that the water crisis, was an information crisis.  Although the present state of affairs will require billions of dollar invested in infrastructure […]

Read my article on chip music in planet magazine

We’ve hit the boss level. Hally’s jumping around the stage like a hopped up game-show host, spitting out robotic vocals into a microphone. On the screen behind him, CHiKA’s visuals are spinning and pulsing a ride through letters spelling out his name. He’s wearing mirrored sunglasses and a red leather jacket, and his hair slicked […]